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Electro-Mechanical Cleaning, London

Although drain jetting methods of cleaning and unblocking are arguably the preferred technique of drainage industry professionals on some occasions it is just not viable. Pro-Drain Ltd engineers are certified in the safe use of and application of electro-mechanical drain cleaning equipment, which is a highly effective alternative, full diameter restoring, cleaning process to that of high pressure water jetting methods. This is also dependent upon the access to a drainage system, or particular section of problem drainage and, of course, the type of attached deposits found to be restricting a pipe's volume capacity. Electro-mechanical techniques can therefore be a more efficient method of cleaning.

What is electro-mechanical drain cleaning?

Mechanical drain restoration is when an electric sewer and drain cleaning machine is used to undertake the maintenance of a pipe to ensure full flow rate by unblocking or cleansing. Pro-Drain utilises top of the range Spartan drain cleaning machines that can be used within drain pipes which are 1 inch up to 10 inches in diameter. These easily maneuverable machines allows us to use them anywhere, from a domestic property kitchen, to an apartment block balcony. The machines enable us to interchange different drain cleaning drums which contain a flexible coiled spring cable, to which we can attach a variety of cutting blades and cleaning heads, Once inserted into a drain the 3000RPM motor spins the cable and cutting attachments through the pipe negotiating even the tightest of bends, completely removing any attached deposits from the inner walls.

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Mechanical Cleaning Applications

Typical applications of professional mechanical drain cleaning techniques include the removal of scale build up obstructing a suspended cast iron drainage system, breaking up of congealed waste from within a restaurant's kitchen sink waste pipework and not limited to the cutting of tree roots that are growing through an underground drain causing it to block. With this specialist equipment and the knowledge of its capabilities we successfully remove an array of hardened encrustations and deposits clogging London drainage systems including concrete our vehicles are equipped for every eventuality there is no mechanical drain cleaning job too big or small.

Urinal waste pipe systems can be 100% cleaned without the use of harmful acids and chemicals with our electro mechanical machines and experience by cutting away the uric acid build up so it can be completely removed from the small bore drains and no longer cause the gurgling or in worse cases the overspilling urinal bowel when the auto flush is operating. We also recommend this cleaning service to our clients as an alternative to the use of chemicals if they are experiencing problems with internal plastic piping that serves sinks, showers, baths or washing machines.

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