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Drain Lining & Re-lining London

What is a Drain Lining?

What is a drain lining ? A drain lining is a length of PVC coated fibreglass reinforced felt tube of 3mm to 6mm thickness that is typically for use within diameters of pipe from 75mm up to 375mm. The internal felt material of the sleeve is impregnated with a precise and controlled mixture of polyester resin, activating catalyst and accelerator. The resin and chemical mixture is absorbed into the inner felt of the liner and then the lining is either pulled or pushed into the damaged drain to be lined.

Once in place the drain lining is inflated by inserting an inflation hose which is pressurised by  air and slowly rolled through shaping the liner to the host drain pipes inner walls and surface characteristics ready for solidification of the resin and chemical mixture curing process. When the curing process is complete and the lining has hardened the end result is a drain within a drain and an air and watertight seal between the liner and original drain.

Approved Quality Drain Liners

The drain linings that we install are tested to British and European standards BSEN13566-4 2002 for lining with cured in place pipes. All drain linings installed by Pro-Drain are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation and are always water and air tight applications.

In addition to BSEN standards Pro-Drain Ltd are certified installers of the water research council tested renoline drain lining and patch lining systems that have a 50 year design life criterea, not only are we certified in being competent installers we have the acquired experience of repairing London’s drainage systems for many years with our drain lining techniques and are well versed in the products capabilities and limitations.

Why Use a Drain Liner?

Lining an underground drain saves precious time and money when restoring the structural integrity of cracked or fractured clay-ware pipes and sealing leaking sections of a drainage system or open pipe joints. We also cure the infiltration of root ingress that grows within a damaged drain run by installing resin impregnated drain linings.  We deal with complete drainage system restoration as well as isolated dramage patch lining repairs equally as efficiently.

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broken drain
Cracked pipe before repair.
After repair with drain liner.

To Use or Not to Use

Installing a drain lining will not only restore the structural integrity of a broken section of pipe but will also improve flow characteristics and is not prone to the growth of attached deposits such as lime scale. We install full cured in place drain linings or patch lining applications to repair drains of 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm in diameter to repair wide range of faults identified via CCTV surveys.

With drainage systems however, on some occasions a drain lining may not be a viable alternative to an excavation repair for example if the host drain is a severely deformed foul water drain or has a displaced joint with an overall 15-20% cross sectional loss of diameter. A drain lining would also not be suitable for a drain run with multiple sharp bends as the lining would wrinkle in the installation process and create snagging points. We are more than happy to provide free impartial advice when responding to drain relining enquiries from London home or business owners. 

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