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Drain Tracing & Mapping

We trace and map London drains.

Have you ever wondered where that drain discharges to? We’ll find out and show you. We can trace the route or location of a single drain-run, or an entire drainage system and also map it out.

Using CCTV pipe inspection equipment and sonar tracing we can easily plot the route of an underground drain or locate with precision above ground the location of that very drain below ground.

Drain Tracing - London

Why would you want to trace a drain?

There are a number of reasons you might wish to do so. For example, you have a drain manhole cover in the garden but you are you planning to build an extension and digging new foundations for it. If you go through a drainage or sewer pipe, that could be expensive to repair. If you know where that drain runs you can avoid damage to it, or re-route it if necessary.

Are you landscaping the garden and planting trees? Again, when they grow large their roots can crack, or break the drain - costing to repair. If you are forewarned and can plant away from drains that is an advantage.

Believe it or not, there is a real advantage to knowing where your drains run across your property and where they connect, or discharge, into the main drainage and sewer system. There is also value in being able to provide that information to any future purchasers of your property.

Drain Mapping - London

How We can Map Your Drains


As we have just mentioned, having a map of the exact location of drains within your property boundaries can help avoid costly damage and provide builders, surveyors and other contractors with vital information when carrying out work at your premises.

Using CCTV information and sonar equipment we can put together an accurate plan detailing where your drains are positioned and where they connect to the public drainage system. And if drains do become blocked it can assist a drainage expert to locate the most likely sites of blockage within the system and the most suitable access points to clear the blockage.

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Tracing & Mapping Services

Who can use our services?

Our drain tracing and mapping service is supplied to

  • domestic property owners
  • business owners
  • construction companies
  • civil engineers
  • property surveyors
  • borough surveyors
  • solicitors dealing with land and property disputes
  • water companies
  • other drainage companies
Simply contact us on the  freephone number shown on this page, or email us at info@prodrain.co.uk for more information. We will providea fast, friendly and cost-efficient service, guaranteed.

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