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Blocked Drain


Overflowing manhole cover indicates blockage

Tree Root


Roots from trees are often
responsible for blocked drains.
We have specialist equipment
to deal with this.

Blocked Drains


Wet wipes, grease, nappies, excess toilet paper and
cotton buds can all lead to blocked drains.

Clogged Restaurant

Waste Drain

Food waste and fat blocks drains quickly

Blocked Surface


Rotting leaves and garden debris can
lead to overflowing drains

Snagging Points

Attract Debris

Debris snags, builds up and restricts drainage flow
- eventually blocking drain

Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain London

Pro-Drain Ltd are experts in clearing blocked drains whether the drain is inside your property, or outside within your property boundary. We operate throughout Central and Greater London providing a 24 hour, 365 day per year service for both domestic and commercial customers.

We attend to and successfully clear thousands of blocked drains a year, in fact we are yet to be beaten by a blockage, many of which our competitors could not clear.

We use our experience and a motivated approach to dealing with all blocked drain situations that are presented to us. 

What happens if you call us to unblock a drain?

First of all, our drain unblocking service for London homeowners or business-to business-customers and commercial property owners is 100% transparent. There is NO call out charge for us to attend.

All of our charges are agreed with our clients beforehand, so there are no hidden extras or upselling when on site. Neither do we charge any extra to use the specialist drain clearance equipment we use in order to unblock your drain.

At the first point of contact with a customer we will ask some questions so that we can ascertain exactly what kind of problem we are dealing with. We also need to ask if you have used any chemicals to try to clear the blockage yourself, for example caustic soda, which may pose a risk to our engineers, or damage our equipment. We will also want to know if there is clear access to the blocked drain or site restrictions, for example parking enforcement, that may obstruct the use of our specialist equipment. With the responses to those questions in mind we will plan a course of action and provide you with an hourly rate quotation to professionally undertake the work.

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Can every blocked drain be cleared?

On average we manage to clear 99 out of 100 blocked drain situations we attend in the London area and these are usually cleared within the hour. However, we do occasionally come up against particularly stubborn or more challenging than normal blockages within the drainage systems. Most commonly they tend be blocked with wet wipes, grease, or nappies.

In some cases the drain may have an underlying structural issue, or access to the blocked drain is obstructed which then limits the methods of clearance we can use. Our normal approach as professional drainage engineers is to promptly attend the site, diagnose the cause and location of the blockage, then efficiently execute the clearance, clean up any overspill and then leave within an hour.

Very occasionally we do come across blockages that require greater intervention and clearance treatments that are more time consuming, such as tree root ingress to the sewer pipe, but we do have specialist equipment to deal with these situations as quickly as possible. We NEVER undertake work without first clearing the cost with the customer. 

Our aim, as always, to have a satisfied customer who would readily be prepared to recommend our work to others.

Who is responsible for the clearing of a blocked drain?

The most common question our customers in London ask us is "Who is responsible for the clearance of a blocked drain?". So, is it the local council, or water authority, or is it the property owner themselves?

The answer is, that it is the property owner, or commercial business that is responsible for the drainage system within their property boundaries and that reponsibilty is their's until it either reaches the point at which a drainage system becomes shared, for example where a neighbouring property's drains also discharge into the same drainage system, or until the drainage system passes beyond the property boundary into the public system.

The local water authorities, as per the Private Sewers and Lateral Drains connected to the Public Sewers transfer bill of the 1st of October 2011, are now responsible for the maintaining and clearance of blockages located within the laterally connecting drain to the sewer from the point of the property boundary.

For more information with regards to the private sewer and lateral drain transfer you can click here to visit Ofwat.gov.uk, where you can find some useful drainage system diagrams which may help you in determining the ownership of your drainage system. 

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