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High Pressure Water Jetting London

Pro-Drain Ltd are experts in clearing blocked drains using high pressure water jetting, whether the drain is inside, or outside within your property boundary. We operate throughout Central and Greater London providing a 24 hour, 365 day per year service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Our equipment consists of forward and rearward directed high pressure water jets that impact upon encrustations, tree roots and concrete within a drain at jet speeds of up to 440mph to cut the deposit from the inner wall of the drain or pipe.

Using the appropriate high pressure water jetting machines and specialist drain jetting nozzles for the required distribution of water jet shape, velocity, pressure and flow rate Pro-Drain's drain cleaning engineers are fully equipped and are experienced in providing effective and guaranteed drain cleaning services.

broken drain
Concrete debris blocking drain.
Debris washed from drain.
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The Power of Water Jetting

Our high pressure water jetting service utilise powerful, industrial grade water jets to convert water into sharp cutting jets. These jets will remove most obstacles, encrustations and other blockages and restore the water flow within your pipe quickly and without damaging the pipe walls. 

It is a fast, economical solution that releases no chemicals into the environment and is ideal for cleaning pipes, clearing drains and scouring sewers.
All our vehicles are permanently set up and equipped with industrial grade, approved, waterjetting equipment. More often than not blockage problems can be solved using this method. Water jetting is fast, economical and can resolve blockage without remit to using chemicals, thus having no impact on the environment.

High Pressure Water Jetting can be used for:

  • Clearing drains
  • Cleaning Pipes
  • Scouring Sewers
  • Root Removal

The process uses high pressure water jets, spraying at over 3,500 psi, to break down the residual matter, cut it from the drain walls , wash it away and to give the drains a thorough cleaning at the same time. This restores full flow in any affected part of the system. Water jetting is effective in the removal of encrustations, tree roots and loose, or hard debris.

Our staff are fully trained, qualified and experienced in the uses and applications of high pressure water jetting. The aim is to quickly remove blockages with minimum inconvenience and distress to the customer. All work is carried out to comply with the Health and Safety Act, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and Road and Street Works Act.

Fully Guaranteed

All work fully guaranteed

Fast - Reliable

We offer a fast efficient and reliable service.


We operate 24 hours/day, 365 days/ year.
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Water Jetting Association
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