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Many properties in central and greater London have a buchan trap within their boundary before lateral connection to the public sewer; these traps would have been installed with the original drainage system when the property was constructed. The purpose of a buchan trap so sometimes referred to as a running trap, is to prevent odours from the public sewer system from entering the private drainage system and venting through the household waste water pipework, which was a problem many years ago due to the lack of individual traps which we now have installed on our sinks, baths and showers.

However, these buchan traps can pose problems for homeowners. Over time, they collect solids and silt, leading to blockages. Additionally, wear and tear can cause the traps to crack, displace, or even collapse entirely. When this happens, the entire private drainage system can become unserviceable, causing significant inconvenience and potential health hazards.

When homeowners encounter issues such as continuous blockages or system failure due to damage, Pro-Drain Ltd steps in. We undertake the removal and replacement of broken buchan traps, ensuring the installation of a manhole chamber within the same excavation. This provides sufficient access for future inspection and maintenance of the property's private drainage system. As these traps are no longer necessary for their original purpose, we recommend their excavation and replacement with a non-return valve. This valve not only prevents odours but also offers the added benefits of preventing a sewer back surge and rats from entering a private drainage system.

Locating the position of a Buchan trap upon a drainage system should be easy, as most will have been installed with an air vent or Rodding access at the surface level directly above the trap. However, we have found these tend to be covered with concrete or pavers, so a CCTV pipe inspection from a connected drain pipe is usually necessary to pinpoint the location.

If you are experiencing drainage system problems due to a damaged or collapsed Buchan trap, call us today. We will arrange a free site visit and a fixed price, with no obligations, to resolve the issue.

Locating the position of buchan trap

Locating the position of buchan trap

removing the damaged buchan trap

Excavating and removing the damaged buchan trap

Installing a non return valve in Drain

Installing a non return valve to replace a damaged buchan trap

Constructing a manhole chamber

Constructing a manhole chamber for future access to the drainage system

 Job completion

 Job completion Excavation and Surface Reinstatement


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