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Fast, Effective Root Ingress Removal and Prevention in Drains

Tree, shrub, and hedge roots can infiltrate drainage systems throughout Wembley and surrounding London, causing recurring blockages and damage to pipes. These roots are drawn to water and nutrients and can easily find their way into unsealed pipe joints, cracks, fractures, and holes. Even trees located quite a distance away can pose a threat to your drainage system.

How do I know if Tree Roots have infiltrated my Drainage System in Wembley or Surrounding Areas?

A CCTV pipe inspection survey is a quick and effective way to identify root ingress within your drainage system in Wembley or surrounding London. This survey will pinpoint the exact location(s) where roots have entered, as well as any underlying faults or damage that allowed them access.

A drain survey to investigate the cause of a blockage should be standard practice for any professional drainage company attending to a property in Wembley or surrounding areas. This ensures that structural faults or root problems are identified and addressed promptly, preventing recurring issues.

Roots ingress in Drain Wembley

A CCTV Drain survey showing Roots growing through pipe joints in Wembley, London.

Roots growing through Cracked Drain

CCTV Drain Inspection showing Roots coming through cracked Drain, London.

Roots growing through structural damage

Roots growing into a Drain through structural damage.

Drain lining to stop tree roots

A Drain Lining Installation-creates a water and airtight seal to prevent root ingress.


How do you Remove Tree, Shrub or Hedge Roots from within a Drain Pipe in Wembley?

With the information gathered from the drain survey report, experienced drainage companies like Pro Drain in Wembley will use high-pressure water jetting or electromechanical equipment to remove the roots. This CCTV-monitored process ensures accuracy by utilising specialised water jetting or mechanical cutting heads to cut the roots at the point of entry.

Once the Roots have been Removed, how can we Stop them Growing Back into the Drain in Wembley?

After the roots have been cut free and removed from the drain, further tree, shrub, or hedge root ingress can be prevented. Pro Drain in Wembley can recommend the most suitable solution based on the number of entry points and the overall condition of your drain. This may involve patch linings or a full drain lining to renovate the host drain, restore structural integrity, and provide a watertight seal that keeps roots out permanently.

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