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Non-Return Valve Installation: Protect Your Home from Floods and Rodents in Wembley

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Non-Return Valve Installation for Flood & Rodent Protection

A requirement of many home insurers for a flood protection policy to be issued is the installation of a non-return valve unit upon the privately owned underground drainage system or systems that serve our properties. The ideal installation point is within the property boundary upon the lateral connection drain to the sewer, which connects the private drainage system to the public sewer system. The valve can be installed within an existing manhole chamber, replacing an interceptor trap. Alternatively, if there is no manhole chamber, we excavate the lateral drain to allow for the installation and then install a new manhole chamber utilising the same excavation, which provides future access for inspection and maintenance of the valve and the entire drainage system.

The threat of flooding is becoming increasingly common, with the public sewer network often unable to cope with the sheer volume of rainfall and surface water runoff. This is where the installation of an inline non-return valve becomes crucial. It not only protects your private drainage system but also your property from a public sewer back surge, preventing the flooding and possible property damage that can occur when sewerage escapes from a lower level gully, shower trap or manhole chamber. This is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention.

Non-return valves not only provide a robust flood defence but also act as a barrier, preventing rats from entering the underground drains beneath your property. This eliminates the risk of a rodent infestation, providing you with a safe and secure environment. It's a solution that brings relief and peace of mind.

Pro-Drain Ltd's non-return valve installation service is very popular with basement property owners for flood prevention. Hotels and restaurants also use this essential service for locking out rodents. With this drain valve installation service, we have assisted many residential and commercial property owners with rat infestation prevention.

A non-return valve is a very efficient and cost-effective broken Buchan trap or interceptor trap replacement option. If you require a non-return valve installation, give us a call, and we will arrange a free site visit to assess the exact requirements and provide a fixed-price quotation.

installation of non return valve Wembley

The installation of non return valves to protect a basement from public sewer back surges and subsequent flooding.

newly installed non return valves Wembley

With the newly installed non return valves and access chambers in place excavations are backfilled ready for surface reinstatement.

Non Return Valve Completed Wembley

Job completion, surfaces reinstated and works area left tidy.

newly installed non return valve London

Pressure testing of a newly installed non return valve before the construction of a manhole chamber for future access.

non return valve installed Harrow

A 150mm diameter non return valve installed within a basement properties existing manhole chamber.

non-return valve installation Chiswick

A non return valve installation with a new concrete section's access chamber to replace a damaged Buchan trap.

Installing a non return valve Northolt

Installing a non return valve upon the lateral sewer connection drain protects the private drainage system from sewer back surges and rodent infestation.

replacement of a concealed running trap with a non return valve

The replacement of a concealed running trap with a non return valve and manhole access not only protects properties from possible flooding and rodent activity but also provides sufficient access for future inspection or maintenance of a properties drainage system.


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