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Longitudinal Drain Fracture London

Longitudinal Drain Fracture

Serving: Putney, London

A property management company we provide our services to, was in the process of resurfacing the car park serving one of their managed office sites located in Putney, London.

Confined Drain Spaces London

Blocked Drain: West London

Serving: Hammersmith, West London

Attending an ongoing drain problem at a property in Hammersmith, West London we were presented with a particularly deep foul water manhole inspection chamber that was the location of recurring blockages within the domestic drainage system.

House Buyer Drain Survey

Lucky Home Buyer

Serving: Islington, North London 

It is very prudent when buying a property to check the drainage system for underlying faults that could become an inconvenience and possibly a financial liability to you in the future.
Having advised one of our existing customers who was in the process of purchasing a property in Islington, North London.

Pitch Fibre Drain London

Not Pitch Perfect!

Serving: Wembley, North West London

Whilst planning a new additional disabled toilet drain installation to serve a refurbishment project on behalf of a school in Wembley, North West London, we identified a no longer fit-for-purpose run of pitch fibre drainage dating back to the seventies. Pitch fibre material drainage is no longer manufactured or used within the construction industry due to its weak structural properties.

Tree Root Ingress Blocked Drain

Tree Root Blockage

Serving: London Borough of Ealing 

An emergency blocked drain call out to the London borough of Ealing was immediately diagnosed by our engineers to be caused by tree roots restricting the full working diameter of a 100mm diameter clayware underground drain, causing cooking fats and oils to congeal resulting in an overflowing sink waste gully.

Drain Lining Repair

Drain Lining Repair

Serving: East London

We carried out a drain survey on behalf of an East London construction company planning to build an extension above an underground drain. The survey found the drain to be serviceable, but in a structurally damaged state with multiple fractures identified.

Dropped Drain - Cleaning

Dropped Drain

Serving: Chiswick, London

Clearing a blocked drain with high pressure water jetting for a customer at a house in Chiswick, London we were certain all was not well within the section of underground drain we were dealing with, so we decided to take a peak inside the drain with our CCTV pipe inspection equipment.


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