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Save Money on London Drains: Get a CCTV Survey

Unclog Your Drains for Good: How CCTV Surveys Can Help

CCTV drain inspection surveys will discover why your drain gets recurrent blockages, whether due to debris and obstructions, or structural defects, meaning the problem can be fixed once and for all. Thus negating the cost of repeatedly calling out engineers to clear the blockage.

For homebuyers CCTV surveys can alert you to costly drainage problems before you buy, saving a lot of heartache post purchase. After all, who wants to buy a house with problems that may cost you thousands of pounds to repair after you've moved in?

Don't Ignore Your Drains! What a CCTV Inspection Can Show You

Curing Drain Pipe Tree Root Ingress

Drain Blockage Clearance Drain Inspection

CCTV Video Evidence

The two videos above are examples showing the type of information you can discover from a CCTV drain inspection. As you watch them notice the problem of tree root ingress, build up of scaling, cracks and depositing of fat and limescale that occurs in drains if not regularly maintained.

Along with video footage of the drain survey we supply a detailed report with recommendations of any remedial work that needs to be carried out. An example of a report can be viewed by selecting the button below.

Beyond the Surface: What Our In-Depth Pipeline Analysis Reveals:

Detailed Pipeline Analysis Report Section: Our WRc approved drain survey reports provide detailed information such as pipe diameter, pipe material type, the depth of the drain along with accurate meterage measurements for bends and any fault identified.

CCTV Drain Survey Report Example London

Pro-Drain CCTV Surveys: Detailed Inspections You Can Trust:

 A Pro-Drain CCTV survey provides clear digital images from within the pipeline of any fault identified so our clients have clear evidence of what we are reporting furthermore because our surveys adhere to best practise industry standard the information within is easily interpreted by other drainage professionals, architects, building surveyors, insurance providers and local authority building control.

CCTV Drain Survey Report Example Wembley

CCTV - What We Look For

Our closed circuit television drain inspection surveys are fully guaranteed and backed up by a full report. During a CCTV drain inspection survey we look for evidence of a suspected collapsed drain or sewer, fractures or cracks in pipework, suspected drain leakage that might affect foundations leading to property subsidence and any other damage to the structural integrity of pipework assessment.

We also inspect and provide diagnosis for encrustations, scale build-up, mass root ingress, tap root ingress and the location of buried manhole chambers.

Homebuyers Report

Some lenders, depending on the age of the property being purchased, may require a CCTV survey report before agreeing the amount of mortgage loan they will advance on the property.

We provide a full CCTV Drainage Homebuyers Report with video evidence, giving full details of the condition of drains, remedial work, if any, required, mapping of drainage and sewer systems within the property boundaries and external to the boundaries.

These surveys can save house-buyers thousands of pounds in potentially costly repairs and prevent you purchasing a house that has problems you wish to avoid.

Our CCTV Survey Services

  • Property subsidence drain survey
  • Construction Site CCTV drain survey
  • Rat infestation CCTV drain investigation
  • Foul water CCTV drain survey
  • Home buyers drain survey
  • Commercial property CCTV drain Survey
  • Underground drain CCTV survey
  • Problem investigation CCTV drain inspection
  • Insurance claim CCTV drain survey
  • Drain tracing CCTV survey
  • Buried manhole locating drain survey
  • Surface water CCTV drain survey

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