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It is very prudent when buying a property to check the drainage system for underlying faults that could become an inconvenience and possibly a financial liability to you in the future.

Having advised one of our existing customers who was in the process of purchasing a property in Islington, North London to seek peace of mind and assurance by having a homebuyers CCTV drain survey undertaken before any contracts were drawn up or exchanged, our client being a very astute businessman agreed with our sentiment.

Surveying the drains for a structural assessment is just as important as any other building pre-purchase survey and should not be overlooked.

It proved a very smart decision indeed, because during our CCTV pipe inspection survey of every underground drain serving the property, we identified several clayware drain pipes that were damaged by tree root ingress, one of which was in fact partially collapsed.

We obtained digital images from within the damaged drains as evidence of the damage and compiled a detailed report with recommendations for remedial works and an estimate to undertake the repairs. Our customer presented to the vendor, who was also unaware of any damaged drains serving the property.

Using the information from our survey package both parties were able to still complete the property transaction with the selling party agreeing to have the necessary drainage works undertaken by us before completion, avoiding our client any future problem with the drains at the property and financial liability.

Roots breaking through pipe

Roots breaking through pipe.

Large root mass in drain

Large root mass in drain.


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